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Dai hyakkajiten
Japanese encyclopaedia

Dai hyakkajiten

Japanese encyclopaedia

Dai hyakkajiten, (Japanese: “Great Encyclopaedia”), comprehensive Japanese general encyclopaedia, published in Tokyo.

Mt. Fuji from the west, near the boundary between Yamanashi and Shizuoka Prefectures, Japan.
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It was first published from 1931 to 1935 in 28 volumes, with four supplements published in 1939–52, and was reissued in 15 volumes (1951–53). In 1955–63, a successor encyclopaedia, the Sekai dai hyakkajiten (“World Encyclopaedia”), was published in 33 volumes containing approximately 70,000 articles signed by specialists; it quickly became the standard Japanese encyclopaedia. The final three volumes contain supplementary material, which includes not only updated information covering the years 1958–63 but also a chronological table of world history; a comprehensive list of Japanese cities, towns, and villages; and indexes of abbreviations and proper nouns.

Sekai dai hyakkajiten was completely revised (1964–68) in 23 volumes, with two supplementary atlas volumes.

Dai hyakkajiten
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