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Boeing 747

Boeing 747

Alternative Title: 747

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aerospace engineering

  • Boeing 707
    In Boeing Company: History of Boeing Company

    …high development costs of the 747 “Jumbo Jet,” the world’s first wide-body jetliner, almost forced Boeing into bankruptcy, but, when the 400-seat aircraft went into service in 1970, it allowed airlines to offer affordable long-range air travel for the general public and gave Boeing a monopoly position in this market…

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aviation history

  • In about 1490 Leonardo da Vinci drew plans for a flying machine.
    In history of flight: Airliners

    …of the wide-bodied, 400-seat Boeing 747 in 1969. This large, swift, and long-ranged aircraft created a transportation revolution. Whereas air travel had once been confined to the affluent, it now became a mass-market conveyance as airline ticket prices fell and airlines became more sophisticated in their pricing practices. As the…

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landing gear

  • Air New Zealand Limited
    In airplane: Takeoff and landing gear

    Large aircraft, such as the Boeing 747, incorporate multiple bogies (several wheels arranged in a variety of configurations) in their landing gear to spread out the weight of the aircraft and to facilitate stowage after retraction in flight.

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